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Hamburg-English Online English Proficiency Test

English Lessons : English Coaching : International Certification : Official TOEIC Test Center : Englischunterricht : Internationalle Zertifikate : Officielle TOEIC Testzentrum

General English : Business English : Contract English : Technical English : Allgemeines Englisch : Geschäftsenglisch : Vertragsenglisch : technisches Englisch

TOEIC Test Center, Hamburg. TOEIC Testzentrum, Hamburg


Hamburg, TOEIC Preparation, TOEIC Vorbereitung


hamburg, TOEIC Exam and Preparation

TOEIC Vorbereitungskurs, hamburg, TOEIC preparation course


Each test is generated randomly from a database of over 1500 questions. This means that every test generated is different, however has a like difficulty level. The difficulty level can be fine-tuned by adjustment of the test duration in the administration area.


Listening Comprehension: Understanding descriptions and comparing descriptive elements. Understanding of questions and answers. Understanding of conversations and talks including; recognition of information, assessing implied meaning, understanding times, numbers, names, addresses. Comparison of similar information and recognition of the most suitable.

Reading Comprehension: Understanding of grammar, vocabulary and jargon. Ability to locate needed information in texts, adverts, emails and letters. Assessment of implied meaning (reading between the lines). Ability to compare similar information and select the most suitable.


Scoring is immediate and automatic. The test score report shows the number of questions correctly answered, and a level assessment for listening, reading and overall level based upon the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Score reports are sent immediately by email and are also stored and dated for future reference.


Each generated test is focused on International Business English and also includes an amount of General English and Small Talk.


The level test platform offers 4 independent test groups. Each test group can be named and can have two independent email addresses for score reports and test usage information. This feature allows the separation of test reports between departments, branches, or job allocations.
The test administration area gives you the power of control, however, after its initial setup, you need never use it again; this is your decision. The test administration area has all you need to administer and control testing.


The test platform does not store personal information rather it uses what we call a TAN number. The TAN number is the key a person needs to sit a test. This means that all personal data is kept firmly within your organization.
Entry to the test platform can be through a special page that includes your Logo and organization colours. This service is offered at no charge subject to the number of tests required.

Online English Proficiency and Class Placement Test.

Test results based on the Common European Framework of Reference.

English sprachtest, english language test, placement test hamburg

Ideal for the placement of students into English language classes and in companies and organisations that wish to assess their employees' level of English.



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