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Hamburg-English Courses Concept

English Lessons : English Coaching : International Certification : Official TOEIC Test Center : Englischunterricht : Internationalle Zertifikate : Officielle TOEIC Testzentrum

General English : Business English : Contract English : Technical English : Allgemeines Englisch : Geschäftsenglisch : Vertragsenglisch : technisches Englisch

TOEIC Test Center, Hamburg. TOEIC Testzentrum, Hamburg


Hamburg, TOEIC Preparation, TOEIC Vorbereitung


hamburg, TOEIC Exam and Preparation

TOEIC Vorbereitungskurs, hamburg, TOEIC preparation course

Good training needs a good concept and technique, especially in business!

Each teacher uses different techniques, different approaches and different skills. They apply these to each class to efficiently achieve effective practice, learning and improvement. Whether hands-on, interactive or traditional techniques, our teachers will use their qualifications, skills and experience to ensure that those needs are met.


The Hamburg-English Concept.

How do you visualise learning English in your company?


At Hamburg-English we visualise English classes with smart friendly teachers, who can interface with your employees at the correct level, whether in a classroom, in a test area, in production, or indeed any environment in which the most benefit from a training session can be achieved.


We visualise Business English classes with a fun and active atmosphere however, always professional. An atmosphere in which your employees can practice, articulate and explore their English ability, whether learning and improving their English on a broad-basis, or focused on a subject such as finance, accounting, sales, marketing, telephoning, emailing or customer service....etc


We visualise English classes where your employees can bring information about their current projects, problems, emails, presentations or upcoming meetings. This material then being integrated into the lesson for discussion to improve fluency, for analysis to enhance vocabulary and for exercises to improve ability in grammar, phrase and sentence structure.


We visualise English teachers with engineers and technicians working together to develop Technical English abilities and enhance knowledge of needed vocabulary. Working with specifications, technical reports and operational descriptions, working in product development, design, production, testing or other engineering areas. Hands-on interactive training for Technical English offers many other benefits; often our teachers have brought a new perspective or experience into a situation, thus triggering a solution to a problem or a new idea.




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