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... from beginners to advanced, individual or group, conversation, special needs and confidence building.

English courses for real estate
English for real estate sales.
Technical English courses
English for design engineering.
Specialist English for advertising and contracts
English for advertising and events.

Weekly English Classes..

.. a regular training opportunity to nurture new and strengthen existing skills, as well as maintain fluency, expand vocabulary and cultural knowledge. Training material is supplied, nevertheless participants are encouraged to bring documents, tasks and experiences into class. The ability to integrate work items focuses lessons to the exact needs of each participant, building motivation and interest.

English Courses and Coaching..

.. a very intensive boost in English ability and knowledge, of a language element (grammar, vocabulary..etc), the improvement of a skill (writing emails, telephoning ..etc), or preparing participants for an event (e.g. presentation, product release, meeting ..etc).

English Support..

.. sitting quietly in the background of an important meeting, listening to ensure that not only your contact understands you, but you also understand them, or, at an exhibition offer English support directly to visitors to your stand. You decide how I can help you or offer support. I make sure that I have the skills required and carry out the support professionally and confidentially.
Business English courses
English for business and process control.
English course for telephoning, telephonist, reception, customer services
English for reception and telephonist.
English courses for manufacturing, production, processes.
English for production and manufacturing.


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